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At Orangefit we work hard every day to create the healthiest and most sustainable plant-based products for you. Only the very best plant-based ingredients and production methods are good enough for us.

Why? That's simple. You do not mess with your body. And do not mess with the world. We understand this like no other.

More orange!

Everyone at Orangefit has a passion for food and plant-based nutrition. Some people find us a bit rebelious and we understand. At orangefit we like to do things just a little bit differently.

'Do not tell us the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon'. In this way, we are more than happy to take the extra step for you. Because let's face it: The world is already grey enough. It's time for more orange!

We have a dream

At Orangefit we strive for a healthier, fit and more sustainable world. We want to be the leading company in plant-based nutrition.

Not just an ambition, but rather our biggest dream. We realize that. But we are going for it. One step at a time.