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    1. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Personlig service och snabba leveranser.

    2. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Awesome company and awesome product. Thank you

    3. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Highly recommended product! I don't feel bloated in comparisson with other proteins

    4. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      It tastes good and vegan powder, easy to order and delivery is quick, Fit Shaker is very handy, and the color of the brand is very positive :)

    5. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Super service!! Love that they write my name on the bag

    6. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Orangefit is for me the best vegan protein on the market with perfect macros and good quality ingredients.

    7. 8 / 10 by (Verified)

      Great flavour and really good nutritional values. But very expensive.

    8. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      Best taste I've had with vegan protein (tried a couple of different brands). I love the chocolate flavour the best.

    9. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      + Fast shipment (to Germany), excellent products, great customer service. Would recommend it to friends and family!
      - shipping cost are very high (in my opinion)

    10. 10 / 10 by (Verified)

      It has been a long journey to find the right protein powder considering my principles: top true product with a great taste and good honest people who leave the world a better place for all creatures.
      Reading the profiles of OrangeFit’s protein powders led me to know people behind it and also their goals upon which responsibility. My journey has stopped here and left me nothing but good products, good people with beautiful horizon.
      I’ve, of course, double checked the nutrition facts of OrangeFit with my private GP who is highly knowledgeable in modern and orthomolecular medicine. Since my youth I’ve been experiencing enormous health challenges and in those hard times I’ve learned how important an intelligent diet is in my physical and mental being. Right protein powder without any harm at all in it has been above the list, not to forget with a great taste and in variation.
      First I gave the chocolate protein powder a try in coconut milk (lactose intolerance) without any fruit and seeds holding 20 seconds in mouth then swallowed. Honestly, it tasted great without leaving any aftertaste of stevia or rawness of the powder. I love all tastes of OrangeFit and not a single day leaving my place and not having a fitbar and a shake in my bag.
      Just name a few: my immune system is getting better and better (lab results), minimization of years infection and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in less pain and unease, losing 10 kg in just 3 months and no starvation or any kind of sport was involved (rheumatoid arthritis sufferer) and list goes on and on…. I couldn’t even think of it to live without bread and cheese. And yes there is.
      And OrangeFit is not boooooring at all. There are lots of delicious recipes for shakes, desserts, ice creams, cakes, pancakes. My day starts with a chocolate dessert.
      By the way; I live on a very strict budget. It is just a matter of priorities. I hope this does good to you as it did good to me. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we meet at any corner good honest people.