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    9.6 / 10
    228 Reviews
    1. 10 / 10 by

      Orangefit fit green protein vanilla is an ideal basic recovery protein for after exercise and to keep my daily protein level up to standard. The fitbars are delicious; perfect for after a long bike ride as a energizing snack. Now I have become acquainted with the mango / peach flavor through my personal trainer; what a great addition to your assortment!

    2. 10 / 10 by

      The new and I hope NOT temporary taste mango / peach is great! I always use the chocolate because I like it the most, but this new flavor is great and I hope that I can now alternate with these!
      Perfect balance in taste!

    3. 10 / 10 by

      The tastiest, super fast delivery and always nice that they put your name on the packaging. Actually the only shake that I already like with only water. Good proportions in nutrients and not chemical!

    4. 10 / 10 by

      I have all 3 flavours and love them all. My oatmeal tastes better with chocolate Fit Green Protein! Vanilla taste is awesome for banana ice-cream , and the strawberry one is just dessert. Disclaimer, I do not take all of them each day, I just like to mix it up.
      To sum up: texture and taste = awesome.

    5. 10 / 10 by

      User of the first hour of the protein shakes. I had to get used to the renewed taste, but fortunately the characteristic taste of the original was preserved. This has even become something better. In addition to the protein shake, I also find the Blueberry Hero very tasty and easy to quickly take something that is filling and healthy. Top!

    6. 10 / 10 by

      The finest protein powder I have tried. Very tasty in a smoothie with some fruit and spinach. Recommended!

    7. 10 / 10 by

      By far the tastiest plantbased protein shake I have tasted so far. Chocolate flavor is favored by the oatmeal! And strawberry I find very tasty as shake icm fruit and water or plantbased milk.

    8. 10 / 10 by

      Very tasty vegetable protein shakes! I especially like the chocolate flavor.
      Super customer service. In my first order there was something wrong, but this was very quickly and well solved by customer service.

    9. 10 / 10 by

      The tastiest vegan protein shake I've had so far! Find the variant vanilla the best. It is quite expensive, but think it's worth the price.

    10. 10 / 10 by

      Great to make shakes with, no chemical spiciness like many protein powders and not too sweet. Use it every morning in a delicious breakfast shake!

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