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    9.6 / 10
    404 Reviews
    1. 10 / 10 by

      For a long time I only use the protein powder from Orangefit, superfine that there is finally a vegan version that is not too powdery and that also tastes great (the vanilla and mango-peach are doing well here). I do not know if it is the protein powder or the shakers, but it always dissolves well, no lumps or leftovers in the shaker. Oh and the service is excellent, never had a problem with an order and the name of the buyer is always very attentive to the protein powder written :)

    2. 10 / 10 by

      I use the protein shake vanilla now for a year or so, instead of breakfast / lunch (and then only a meal in the evening) and it never bored me plus it is so easily digestible. I always do a large tablespoon of cinnamon, cinnamon has a lot of good qualities and it makes the shake a bit thicker.

    3. 10 / 10 by

      Very satisfied with the products. Great taste, it had to get used to. No problems with lumps.
      Also very nice detail that you make it personal by putting my name on the bag!

    4. 10 / 10 by

      I am very happy with this product. My favorite is the vanilla flavor. I have been using it for quite some time now and I am going to vary more and more in the applicability.

    5. 10 / 10 by

      Super service with a fine product! Fit green vanilla and Fit green meal Diet vanilla is the best for me. Fit green strawberry and chocolate also tried, but less my thing. The new shakers are also very nice to use and fun as a statement in the gym or during study on the uni ;-) From the diet at the Fit Green Meal Diet I had secretly expected something .. allergies and kind of sport can not be filled .. It gives a nice indication with easy recipes!

    6. 10 / 10 by

      The Fit Green Protein is the best vegan protein powder I've tried so far. Taste is top (I always use it in oatmeal) and I do not get stomach problems. On the expensive side, compared to the mass brands, but well worth the money!

    7. 10 / 10 by

      Top stuff!

      Especially if you eat gluten and dairy-free

    8. 10 / 10 by

      I was looking for vegan protein shake but without soy. I had a different brand 1, that was very dirty. This orangefit Vanilla is really a delicious protein taste. The delivery is very fast. I also like to get inspiration for recipes. Orangefit thanks for your beautiful product!

    9. 10 / 10 by

      I use the vanilla shake for a month. Tastes very well with plain water. Recommended if you want to get your proteins in a vegan way.

    10. 10 / 10 by

      My husband takes a shake every morning for breakfast and has indicated that he feels that his blood sugar level is stable. No big appetite just after breakfast, which he often had before. I use the powder for a shake after running and exercising. We always mix it with coconut water, my husband in the Orangefit cup, I make a smoothie, often with some fresh fruit, in the blender. The taste is both very fine, much better than many non-vegetable protein powders.

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