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      I am very happy with both the protein shakes and the fit green meal. Vanilla is by far my favorite taste. Is not heavy, keeps you 'filled' for a long time. Thanks for the fact that the vegetable can also be done!
      Delivery is always fast, the next day at home.
      I am a fan.

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      The shakes have delicious flavors, easy to mix with various other dishes and breakfasts, without dominating the taste.

      and they do not lie on your stomach while they fill well. Toppie!

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      I have tried all 4 flavors of the fit protein, delicious! I usually mix in a banana and some linseed.

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      Very tasty! I chose the small portion of bags to find out which taste I like best. Vanilla and strawberry are both through the test! The order was processed quickly and the administration is neatly processed.

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      Very nice that there are vegetable products on the market that are also tasty! I am a fan

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      Delicious protein shake !!
      The chocolate is my favorite.
      Delicious with the curd cheese or yogurt.

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      Finally found a protein shake that tastes and not too sweet and is vegetable! Now have the vanilla flavor at home but just try them all out! I am very happy with it!

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      Totally happy ... use it for years ... gluten-free and lactose-free ... and also really tasty !!

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      I am a fan of Orangefit Hero.
      I take this twice a day. 600Kcal in the morning and 400Kcal in the afternoon.
      This allows me to eat all day until the evening!

      After exercise I take the protein shakes. These are also delicious

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      My Fit Green Meal Diet meal shake, vanilla flavor, I always fill with cubes of frozen kale or spinach, along with 3 full teaspoons of crushed chia seed, hemp seed and crushed
      linseed. I use half water and half vegetable milk as a liquid.
      Let it stand for a few hours and then you drink a somewhat shabby shake. Delicious and healthy!

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