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    9.6 / 10
    228 Reviews
    1. 10 / 10 by

      Top addition to a busy sporting lifestyle.
      I use it in the morning because of my oatmeal.
      I recover more easily and is full until lunch. Very satisfied!

    2. 8 / 10 by

      I am very satisfied with Fit Green Protein vanilla. It mixes well and tastes good. Fits well in my diet! gr, Tim

    3. 10 / 10 by

      Vanilla remains my favorite, fast delivery!

    4. 10 / 10 by

      I am very satisfied with Fit Green Protein vanilla and chocolate. Completely vegetable, not so sweet, no artificial sweeteners. Pleasant structure, tastes fine and falls well. Soon I'll try the strawberry flavor.

    5. 10 / 10 by

      Am super happy about orangefit.
      Use the shakes especially with night shift to get my proteins. I especially like the chocolate with almond milk, and the vanilla with fresh gravy. Also hope that there will soon be a winter taste!

    6. 4 / 10 by

      Fast delivery, but I did not like the taste mango / peach. Tried to mix it with water and once with almond milk. I'm going to try the vanilla now.

    7. 10 / 10 by

      Very quick delivery of the product! The shakes are delicious in taste. Top product !!

    8. 10 / 10 by

      Shakes used in the past. I have been using Orange Fit fit green protein for several months now and am very satisfied. I notice that I quickly recover from the heavy work outs and that I lost weight after I started using Orange. It feels like a very reliable and healthy product. The orangefit product feels fair without extras what it gives you. Nothing else for me.

    9. 10 / 10 by

      So far very satisfied! Taste is (fortunately) not as sweet as many other proteins. Vanilla I do not really like vanilla flavors, but a nice taste. Strawberry is also more than excellent! I was suffering from rashes on my skin with whey proteins, but I do not have any problems with the vegetable proteins from Orangefit. I can say little about the effective operation of the products, because I do not use them for long enough.

    10. 10 / 10 by

      Very satisfied with the taste, structure and price-quality ratio of the products at Orangefit! Also very nice that the products are vegan, good for the environment and easy with a lactose intolerance. I recommend it to everyone!

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