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Get acquainted with our quality products and receive the Fit Green Protein starter kit. The starter kit consists of two flavours of choice + fit shaker + quick user guide. With the Fit Green Protein starter kit you get everything to get started immediately and carefree.

  • Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate
  • Two flavors of your choice
  • Incl. usage advice and Fit Shaker
  • No good, money back guarantee
  • Free shipping from €50 (Europe)
  • Free gift and delivery from €75 (Europe)

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Why 'Fit Green Protein' protein shake?

  • 100% natural and plant-based protein powder
  • Premium pea protein
  • Complete and well balanced amino acid profile
  • Best support for post-workout recovery, building muscle, fat loss and weight management
  • Suitable with allergies and food intolerance
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Delicious plant-based protein shake
  • Doping free certification (NZVT-certified)

Outstanding results

Fit Green Protein is a premium source of protein that contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Proteins (amino acids) are the building blocks for every cell in our bodies and help to maintain, repair and build muscle after training.

  • Complete and well balanced amino acid profile

100% natural and plant-based

Fit Green Protein is made from high quality pea proteins and pure plant-based ingredients. It is also fat free, low in sugar and contains more amino acids than any other plant-based protein.

  • Premium pea protein

Safe to use without discomfort

Fit Green Protein is hypoallergenic and totally free from lactose, soy, wheat and gluten that can cause bloating, gas or skin problems. This pure composition makes Fit Green Protein very suitable and safe to use for people that suffer from allergies or sensitivities.

  • Safe and easy to use

Extraordinary taste

Fit Green Protein is a perfect combination of high quality plant-based ingredients. These carefully selected ingredients are not only great for your health, but also give Fit Green Protein its rich taste and delicious flavour.

  • Unique taste and structure

Suitable for everyone

Fit Green Protein is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and people that want to avoid products such as whey, casein or egg protein.

  • 100% plant-based


Fit Green Protein has been approved by the Netherlands Security System Nutritional Supplements Elite Sports (NZVT). Fit Green Protein has been tested safe for use by top athletes complying with anti-doping regulations and this allows them to truly focus on their athletic performance.

Vanilla: Erwten-eiwit, natuurlijk vanille aroma, xanthaangom, stevia

Choco: Erwten-eiwit, natuurlijk chocolade aroma, cacaopoeder, xanthaangom, stevia

Strawberry: Erwten-eiwit, natuurlijk aardbei aroma, cacaopoeder, xanthaangom, rode bieten poeder, stevia

Vanilla 25 gram (1 scoop) 100 gram
Calories 89 kcal 357 kcal
Protein 20,22g 80,89g
Fats 0,94g 3,76g
Of which saturated 0,14g 0,56g
Carbohydrates 1,10g 4,39g
Of which sugar 0,00g 0,01g
Dietary fiber 0,77g 3,09g
Sodium 0,98g 3,93g
Choco 25 gram (1 scoop) 100 gram
Calories 90 kcal  360 kcal
Protein 19,33g 77,32g
Fat  1,15g 4,59g
Of which saturated  0,30g  1,18g
Carbohydrates  1,16g 4,62g 
Of which sugar  0,02g  0,06g
Dietary fiber  1,59g  6,36g
Sodium  0,92g  3,68g
Strawberry 25 gram (1 scoop) 100 gram
Calories 95 kcal 378 kcal
Protein 20,18g 80,74g
Fats 0,94g 3,76g
Of which saturated 0,14g 0,57g
Carbohydrates 1,61g 6,42g
Of which saturated 0,07g 0,28g
Dietary fiber 0,77g 3,09g
Sodium 0,98g 3,92g 


  Per 100g Vanilla (g) Choco (g) Strawberry (g)
Alanine    3,51    3,33    3,50
Arginine    7,10    6,69    7,08  
Aspartic Acid    9,38    8,87    9,36
Cystine    0,82    0,78    0,82
Glutamic acid  13,70  12,99    13,67
Glycine    3,35    3,18    3,34
Histidine    2,04    1,92    2,04
Isoleucine    3,68    3,48    3,67
Leucine    6,85    6,46    6,84
Lysine    5,87    5,52    5,86
Methionine    0,89    0,85    0,89
Phenylalanine    4,48    4,23    4,47
Proline    3,68    3,49    3,67
Serine    4,32    4,10    4,31
Threonine    3,18    3,02    3,17
Tryptophan    0,82    0,78    0,82
Tyrosine    3,10    2,93    3,09
Valine    4,08    3,89    4,07

  • 350ml water or your favorite beverage + 1 scoop.

  • Shake before use… enjoy!

  • Tip: try adding fruit