Plant-based products are better for our planet. At Orangefit we want to go a step further and we are convinced that we have to look at ways to reduce our ecological footprint.

That is why we choose to make plant-based products and use sustainable production methods. Good for humans, good for animals and good for the environment.

Below, we are happy to explain to you why plant-based products are more environmentally friendly and more sustainable.

1. Less greenhouse gas emissions

The impact that the meat and dairy industry has on our planet is enormous. The production of animal protein is not only responsible for an estimated of 15% of all greenhouse gases, but livestock also produces large amounts of excrement and high concentrations of fine dust.

By choosing more plant-based products we put less pressure on the environment and reduce our contribution to the emission of methane gas and CO2.

2. Less energy consumption

The production of animal protein is very inefficient and costs a lot of energy. An average of 5 to 20 kilograms of cattle feed is needed to produce one kilogram of meat.

In order to produce this cattle feed, much agricultural land is needed and lots of grains that could also be used to feed humans directly.

By choosing more plant-based products we use less resources and we save more energy.

3. Less use of water

The meat and dairy industry uses about a third of earth's fresh water and to produce a kilogram  of beef more than 15,000 liters of water is needed.

This is much more than the 150-200 liters of water required for the production of plant-based foods.

By choosing more plant-based products you will save a lot of (drinking) water..

4. Less use of agricultural land

Meat production is a major cause of loss of biodiversity and agricultural land.

Every second 4,000 to 8,000 square meters of rainforest is cut down for the production of grain, which is then used as animal feed for the meat and dairy industry.

By choosing more plant-based products you prevent deforestation and loss of many acres of rainforest.

How much co2 is released with the production of 1 kilogram?

Figures are per kilogram of product as available at supermarkets.

More plant-based means less greenhouse gas emissions, less energy consumption, less use of water and less use of agricultural land and is therefore less damaging to the environment.

If you are choosing plant-based products, than you are choosing for sustainability and a better planet.